Selected Publications

Wittmer, J. (2022). Dirty work in the clean city: An embodied urban political ecology of women informal recyclers’ work in the ‘clean city’. Environment & Planning E: Nature & Space, Published online May 17. DOI:

Wittmer, J. (2022). Smart city technologies post serious threats to women waste workers in India. The Conversation, May 19. Access here.

Wittmer, J. (2021). “We live and we do this work:” Women waste pickers’ experiences of wellbeing in Ahmedabad, India. World Development, Vol 140: 105253. DOI:

Wittmer, J. & Parizeau, K. (2018). Informal recyclers’ health inequities in Vancouver, BC. New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy, 28(2): 321-343. DOI:

Wittmer, J. & Parizeau, K. (2016). Surviving neoliberal urbanism: Informal recyclers’ geographies of survival in Vancouver, BC. Applied Geography, 66: 92-99. DOI:

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