I teach courses in urban studies, global development studies, feminist geographies, and human-environment relations. My teaching experience as the instructor of record includes an upper-year geography seminar on Cities of the Global South and a second-year introductory course on the Geographies of Globalization. I also have experience in designing and facilitating co-curricular experiential learning trips for senior undergraduate students, as well as intensive workshops on qualitative research methods and research ethics for graduate students.

I am deeply committed to feminist, anti-colonial, and anti-racist commitments in my work, which has significant bearing in my teaching. In my classes, we pay attention to the politics of knowledge production; I seek out the work of scholars and activists whose voices are often marginalized in academic discourse and foster the understanding that our views and knowledge always come from somewhere. I aim to facilitate students in developing critical thinking skills to enable them to recognize dominant structures that produce oppressions in society (i.e., of race, gender, class, caste, sexual identities, colonial histories, religious practice, etc.), and to start developing strategies to promote justice. My pedagogy is premised on bridging theory with active, experiential learning. I facilitate students in connecting course concepts with their everyday lives through course activities and evaluations and encourage students to locate themselves and their agency in relation to wider structures and movements in society.

Example Courses

  • GLOBAL CONNECTIONS | Introduction to Globalization (developed and taught Summer 2021 & 2022 as GEOG*2200)
    Department of Geography & Environmental Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
    Example syllabus here
  • CITIES IN THE GLOBAL SOUTH | Honours Seminar in Human Geography (developed and taught Fall 2021 as GPHY*401)
    Department of Geography & Planning, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada
    Example Syllabus here
  • RESEARCH METHODS AND ETHICS WORKSHOP (co-developed and co-facilitated Winter 2018)
    **two-day residential, interactive workshop for PhD students exploring key ethical and methodological challenges in qualitative field research **
    Gujarat Institute of Development Research (GIDR), Ahmedabad, India
    Co-developed and co-facilitated w/ Dr. Sharada Srinivasan (University of Guelph) and Dr. Tara Nair (GIDR)

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